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Tibia Will Never Set Easier! "TibiaNG" The Best Bot Ever Made!

Welcome to the TibiaBot NG website!

TibiaBot NG is a professionally crafted client modification for the massive multiplayer online role playing game called Tibia. It is the first product around to offer the benefits of full integration into the Tibia client, making any addition to it both natural and powerful.

Here you will learn to use all the comands...


1. Player Information - The Player Info feature extends the information displayed above each player. Normally, Tibia will simply display the player's name in green, yellow or red text, depending on the current level of health. The image below shows an example of the Player Info feature in use.

2. Fast Hands - The Fast Hands feature is able to play the perfect game of fast hands. All items you put in the middle will be taken back instantly. So fast that it appears the item didn't move, but others will see it move. Also, any items placed in the middle will be moved to your depot box. The game can only be played in the depot.

4. World Map - The World Map is a complete surface map of the game world. It is just like a very large version of the minimap. It can show your current location and you can even click on places to walk there.

5. Combo Attack - Attack Combo allows a group of bots to synchronize attacks against other players. This allows several lower level characters to instantly kill high level players before they have a chance to heal themselves.

Every feathures on one screen:

6. - Anti-Idle - When the Anti-Idle feature is enabled you will no longer be logged off due to inactivity. It is recommended to only have this feature enabled when you plan to be idle.

7. - Automatic Fishing - The Automatic Fishing feature will randomly fish all water tiles containing fish on the screen provided that there is an open backpack with both a fishing rod and worms inside. If you do not have both of these, the fishing routine will automatically shutdown. All fish that are collected will be stacked into a single pile. If you do not have enough capacity to hold any more fish, it will stop fishing and become active again after you have regained capacity

8. - Automatic Logout - Automatic Logout controls logging out under certain conditions. Command Reference

GM Detected - Logs off if a Game Master is near before they are on your screen.

Moved - Logs off if another player pushes you or you move for any reason.

Player On Screen - Logs off if another player enters your screen on the same floor as you.

9. - AutomaticResponder - The Automatic Responder enables the bot to respond to messages sent on the default channel. This is useful for appearing to not be AFK botting. The example script that is included should only be used as a reference. Using the example script as it is would be very obvious to anyone else that knows what it looks like.

10. - AimBot - Normally the Tibia client will give you an error message when attempting to shoot runes directly on players from the battle window. However, by enabling the Battle Aim it becomes possible. After it is enabled, simply click a rune, select "use with" and click on a player in the battle window list.

11. - Cave Hunting - The Cave Hunting feature is the most powerful automatic hunting system ever created. It is able to navigate to and from any areas within the Tibia game world. The automatic hunting works by attacking all monsters that attack you first. This prevents kill stealing and angering other players that may be in the same area. After the monster is dead, its corpse will be opened, all food inside eaten and various items will be looted depending on your settings. Each loot item requires a separate backpack to be opened. The first loot item is placed is the first backpack, the second loot item in the second backpack and so forth.

12. -Cure Poison - The Cure Poison automatically casts "exana pox" when you are poisoned, if you have enough mana. If you don't have enough mana it will look for antidote runes and use those.

13. - Framerate Limit - Normally Tibia uses a large amount of the CPU, even when minimized. With the Framerate Limit feature, Tibia's graphics routine will be disabled when the client window is minimized. This makes it possible to login to multiple accounts at the same time without lagging your computer. This is also useful to perform other tasks with Tibia running in the background.

14. - Full Light - provides full torch light to the entire screen, eliminating all shadows. Other lighting options are available in the current version.

15. - GM Safe - GM Safe monitors for the presence of a Game Master and disables ALL actions while they are present.

16. -Hotkeys - Hotkeys are keyboard keys that are linked to specific actions within TibiaBot NG. There are currently 6 different hotkeys available. If you select the Classic Aim option, the aiming system will workas it did in earlier versions.

17. - Level Spy - The Level Spy allows you to view levels above and below you just as if you were standing there. This is very useful for discovering hidden areas, spying on or hunting players, scouting dangerous areas or looking for dangerous monsters before entering a room. The Level Spy feature also will automatically enable the X-Ray feature, making it possible to see player names and provide a point of reference.

18. - Macro - The Macro Recorder can store and replay actions that are performed in the game. For example, moving a large number of objects from one container to another can be done once and then replayed hundreds of times.

19. - Mana Restore - The Mana Restore automatically drinks mana fluids from an open backpack when your mana falls below the specified amount.

20. - Mana Training - The Mana Training feature casts magic spells whenever a desired level of mana is reached. This can aid in increasing magic level and is important for mages to use when they would otherwise be sitting with full mana.

21. - Rune Maker - The Rune Maker will automatically use blank runes to create spell runes. To use this feature your character needs the arrow slot empty. For use with the Cave Hunting feature you should place the sword in your left hand and your shield in your right. Otherwise, if you use a two-handed weapon, you must place it in your right hand for the rune maker to work properly. The Eat Food feature can also be used separately without making runes.

22. - Self Healing - The Self Healing feature will automatically heal you with spells or runes depending on your settings.

23. - Trade Helper - The Trade Helper automatically sends trade messages to the trade channel and yells them in the default channel at a specified interval.

24. - Sound Alerts - Sound Alerts controls audio alerts depending on certain conditions.

Download It now! (NEW VERSION FOR TIBIA 8.0!)-> Using Rapidshare! (stay with .zip aprox 630kb)